Ilma University recognizes and rewards national and international achievements with an attractive cash incentive. This cash claim is open for alumni, corporate professionals, students and faculty who have gone the extra mileage to bag the reputed rewards of excellence in the different fields. They have proven to be the best and deserve the accolades.

This is a callout to you as high achieving alumni, corporate professionals, students and faculty members of ILMA University who have certainly outdone yourselves to prove that you possess the capability as well as the competitive spirit to reach the top. You set your bar high for the winning standards and settled for no less. This shows your focus and determination to nail the target in your study plus work domains, which has placed the winning trophy right in your hands.

This is truly your moment to shine and secure the cash reward offered by Ilma University, which bestows much honor and prestige on you for bagging the gold. Your efforts and energies have brought you recognition through this platform and now you have the right to a reward according to the reward policy.

So, step into the limelight and claim your cash reward, which is just an application away. Ilma University gives you every right to celebrate your victory and values your win.

Apply for the reward policy and send evidence of your national and international award through this Google Form.

Rejoice in the winning spirit as you reach to grab the cash reward.

*Terms & conditions apply
Incentives are subject to approval by the BASR and can not be claimed as a right.