Office of Placement

Office of Placement aims to provide career counseling services to students on their chosen fields or who are still deciding about their professions.

It is of paramount importance for it to guide students properly, groom and connect them to the right networks so they can secure the best placement offers in private and government organizations.

With a global outlook, Office of Placement offers the best in career advice to meet the market needs. It strives to match the right candidate with the right job. It organizes internships, soft skills training and networking sessions.

It apprises the students about the qualification and the skill set required to secure favourable job offers. It does not limit this here but goes further to provide the necessary training to students to start their independent ventures and hone their entrepreneurial skills.

It chalks out a career path unique to each student's educational background, expertise and interests. The students are well equipped with information pertaining to the market demands and are steered in the right direction for better job prospects.

Office of Placement has designed a dynamic program to the meet the diverse career requirements of the graduates. Through this, Ilmians witness smooth transition from their educational journey to the professional one and secure strategic positions of leadership.

Office of Placement projects a proven track record of success in placement of Ilma graduates in the the vital sectors of the economy. According to it,

'Purposeful placement leads to progressive career prospects'