ILMA University is one of the most prestigious universities of Pakistan which promotes research and creation of knowledge in the field of management sciences, social sciences, computer sciences and information technologies. We provide a dynamic world-class research culture to our nation to provide economic growth of the country and is imperative for the development of academia.The university being cognizant of this fact, thus aims to enhance the capacity of their departments of higher learning by promoting cutting edge research.

ILMA University’s PhD program motivates innovation and originality of thoughts in the research and education process. The PhD program expects not only our graduates display excellence in their field of research but provide expertise to the building of our nation in all fields of science and technology. To achieve this students are expected to achieve excellent results in the research.

The doctoral program has been designed to fulfill the following objectives:
  • To enable students to engage in advanced study and research with scholars
  • To foster original and scholarly research that contributes in social life and to boost up the standards of living.
  • To contribute in national growth by finding out the best possible solution through research and experiments
  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge of theory and methods used in their chosen field and related disciplines.
  • A University PhD graduate who has comprehensive knowledge of the theory and methods will be able to: i. Demonstrate an understanding of the content in their chosen field and related disciplines. ii. Demonstrate an understanding of research methods applicable to their chosen field and related disciplines.
  • University PhD graduate who can execute quality research will be able to plan, organize, design, construct, and execute research to assess/test research questions and/or hypotheses.
  • Effectively communicate research.
  • University PhD graduate who can effectively communicate will be able to write and present research.
  • Be effective teachers.
  • MS/M-Phil or equivalent having minimum 18 year of education from recognized Institutes/Universities in Pakistan or outside Pakistan with 1st division (if under annual system) or 3.0 CGPA (if under semester system) along with GAT (subjective)/ILMA University Test with minimum 60 score

    Description Pakistan Nationals International Students

    Admission Fee

    Rs. 15,000


    Tuition Fee Per Course
    (Monthly Installments)

    Rs. 26,000 x 6
    Rs 156,000

    $300 x 46


  • All Fees are payable only through pay order in the name of “ILMA University”.
  • All Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Management reserves the right to change the Fee structure without prior notice.
  • Above charges include the basic program cost only, however value added services, degree and transcript charges are to be paid separately.
  • Semester Registration Fee Rs 7,000 / $150 shall be charged in every semester
  • Security Deposit Fee Rs 5,000 / $100 shall be charged in the first semester (Non-Refundable)
  • Examination Fee Rs 7,000 / $150 shall be charged in every semester
  • Comprehensive Exam Fee shall be Rs 60,000 / $400
  • Thesis Fee shall be Rs 60,000 / $400
  • Viva Voice Fee Rs 80,000 / $1000 shall be charged in two equal Installments
  • Foreign Thesis Evaluation Fee shall be $1000
  • All tuition Fees are payable in equal installments. The number of installments are equal to number of program courses.
  • Late Fee shall be charged Rs.1000 / $10 per month in case of an outstanding balance after the due date. The late Fee is irreversible and must be paid in full at the time of payment of dues.
  • $ = US Dollar
    Credit Hours Course


    12 Cr. Hrs

    Advance Research Methodologies for Research

    Advance Quantitative Tools for Research

    Innovation Management Research

    Seminar on Management Sciences


    6 Cr. Hrs

    Elective I

    Elective II

    Research Thesis

    18 Cr. Hrs

    Thesis Proposal

    Thesis Defence



    International Marketing

    Advanced Marketing Strategies

    Strategic Brand Management

    Digital Marketing

    Advance Consumer Behavior


    Financial Time Series

    Corporate Finance

    Financial Market

    Investment & Portfolio Management

    Investment Banking


    Recruitment and Selection

    Current Issues in HRM

    Talent management and Succession planning

    Strategies in HRM

    Legal Factors of Human Resource Management

    Supply Chain Management

    ERP System Design and Implementation

    Transportation Techniques and Management

    Forecasting & Demand

    Retail Supply Management

    Logistic Management


    Cases in Small Business & Entrepreneurship

    Advance Topics in Total Quality Management

    Advancement in Technology Management

    Current issues in Management

    Supply Chain Management