Memorandum of understanding - A Global Vision

As an accredited and recognized top-ranking university in the higher education sector, Ilma University would like to extend a harmonious expression of interest for collaboration to attain the global sustainable development goal of quality education.

In this fast-paced changing face of global education with the revolutionary trends in the acquisition and application of knowledge, the educational paradigms are becoming more accessible and advanced. Thereby, the entire definition of education has altered and cross border, learning is of paramount importance. Keeping this in perspective, Ilma University has prioritized the global gateway of educational and industrial exchange and rated it high for effectiveness for all the stakeholders with the students at the center of it.

Hence, we are seeking active collaboration with universities, global agencies, corporate and government sector organizations for better academia and industry linkages stimulating economic growth and societal development.

Therefore, we invite to join for the promotion of education and helping the nation grow.

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