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This is another amazing achievement of Ilma University. In this day and age, this is certainly an incredible initiative to applaud. Job Portal will indeed go a long way in harnessing the job opportunities by placing these in searchable version on the university online portal. Matching the right education, qualification and skill set with the right job has never been so easier. The accessibility of such a vast pool of employees will surely boost the efficiency and the employability levels of the prospective candidates. To form the right connections to charter the career paths will become hassle free.

Ilma has indeed stepped up the search engines and made it more exclusive of all Ilmians to benefit from. Now, whether internships, short term or long term employment - all is possible with this progressive Job Portal. No more running from pillar to post for jobs. Ilma has bridged the job seekers with the employers.


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Office of Placement

Office of Placement aims to provide career counseling services to students on their chosen fields or who are still deciding about their professions. It is of paramount importance for it to guide students properly, groom and connect them to the right networks so they can secure the best placement offers in private and government organizations.

With a global outlook, Office of Placement offers the best in career advice to meet the market needs. It strives to match the right candidate with the right job. It organizes internships, soft skills training and networking sessions. It apprises the students about the qualification and the skill set required to secure favourable job offers. It does not limit this here but goes further to provide the necessary training to students to start their independent ventures and hone their entrepreneurial skills.

It chalks out a career path unique to each student's educational background, expertise and interests. The students are well equipped with information pertaining to the market demands and are steered in the right direction for better job prospects. Office of Placement has designed a dynamic program to the meet the diverse career requirements of the graduates. Through this, Ilmians witness smooth transition from their educational journey to the professional one and secure strategic positions of leadership.

Office of Placement projects a proven track record of success in placement of Ilma graduates in the the vital sectors of the economy. According to it,

'Purposeful placement leads to progressive career prospects'

Happy Alumni

Studying in Ilma University's prestigious programs has led me to cultivate communication and critical thinking skills which are in high demand in the workplace these days.

- Saqlain Mehdi Class of 2017

The right amalgamation of the practical and theoretical aspects have resulted in effective instruction and honed my abilities to spur efficiency at work.

- RAVAIDA JAMALI Class of 2006

Ilma University's programs are designed to incorporate the latest research to stay updated with the emerging trends in the varied sectors which has helped me greatly in being instep in my field.

- Asad Jawaid Class of 2019

With a fine balance of curricular and curricular agendas, the built-in scheme of studies reflects a holistic approach which I believe is much needed for optimized functioning in this day and age.

- Hunaiza Shareef Class of 2018

From its illustrious infrastructure to the impressively laid out facilities - all bespoke perfection which propagate the best in education so being part of this advanced system is truly enriching.

- BUSHRA TABASSUM Class of 2014

A highly qualified and facilitative faculty forms a solid backbone of quality education of Ilma University which visibly functions in all the paradigms of the well-placed faculties for a substantial base in knowledge which I have witnessed.

- MADIHA SAMAR AKBAR Class of 2011

Happy Students

The best decision in college education was to get admission into Ilma University which has allowed me to pursue my dream Media & Design program.

- Usama Sameer Student of MDS

I am much impressed by Ilma University's modern infrastructure and leading-edge facilities which offer a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

- Abdul Haseeb Student of BBA

The faculty on the roster of academics is highly qualified to teach the multidisciplinary programs with a comprehensive layout of the scheme of studies.

- Huba Shaikh Student of MBA

I was very confused as to which program to opt for but the admission counsellor did a great job in explaining and sharing the outlines of programs to consider which helped me decide plus match my professional aims perfectly.

- Komal Shakeel Student of BSCS

The teaching methodologies are updated infused with the latest research which keep us in step with the global trends and lay the grounds for inquiry-based knowledge acquisition.

- Sami Ullah Turk Student of BSSE

This leading university has one of the best internships programs in place and through it, I got an amazing opportunity to be an intern in one of the top firms in the country.

- Farayha Siraj Student of BBA

Corporate Sector

Ilma University is truly serving the nation with the provision of an expert workforce to drive the engines of the economy forward.

- Farhan Khan Managing Partner, Tarbiyat

Recruits from this premier educational establishment display the right knowledge and skills to function efficiently in the workplace.

- HR Al Karam Towels

Ilma University has provided us with capable and competent candidates who have proven their prowess in our professional set up.

- HR Toyota Motors

Ilma University's contribution to the higher education sector is commendable as it has certainly surpassed its counterparts in terms of internationally acclaimed degree programs within a modern infrastructure.

- HR Brooks Pharma

Graduates from this reputed university have indeed proven to be a valuable addition in our company with their strategic decision making and team working skills.

- HR Star Marketing

Ilma University has succeeded in carving a niche in the higher education sector with its forward-looking vision to empower the youth of the nation with the scientific brilliance and technical expertise.

- HR Zara group

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