Department of Graduate Studies


Department of Graduate Studies oversees ILMA University's research based academic programs. The MS and PhD programs fall in this category. DGS manages and ensures the smooth operations of these distinguished programs for imparting of quality education. DGS also collaborates with the other departments of ILMA University for the induction of students, placement and student exchanges, requests for extensions to submission of coursework, feedback to students, course documentation (handbook and course specification), dealing with examination and assessment offences, student representation, wider engagement activities and pastoral support for students.

DGS provides ready assistance and support for the monitoring and review of courses, preparation of accreditation documentation and visits, liaison with examiners, assessment framework, marking and feedback and any such amendments to units and courses in connections with MS and PhD Programs.

DGS functions with a clear vision and leads on all academic issues, it ensures that teaching and learning is excellent, effective monitoring and evaluation of academic performance and data, learning needs in working towards academic preparation in admission tests, the development and review of any curriculum-related policies, utilization of a strong understanding of existing educational theory and development of curriculum in sync with the academic aims and policies of ILMA University.

DGS sets a high benchmark of MS and PhD programs in line with the international standards for educational enlightenment and chalks out a pragmatic as well as effective program route to accomplish it.


Department of Graduate Studies supervises the MS and PhD programs which are being accomplished with foresight and fortitude. Undoubtedly, this is a department of influence which makes an impact and paves the way forward. We enter the mainstream with programs that are formed on a comprehensive framework with divergent thinking so these are applicable to the evolving workplaces. To ensure their academic endurance is our prime aim so these are beneficial in the short as well as the long term.

We design graduate programs that meet the needs of tomorrow so our graduates are ahead in the corporate and industrial sectors. We keep research, technology, managerial excellence and creativity at the centrality. This gives our students the edge to emerge victors in their professional paths fully equipped to tackle the challenges and overcome these brilliantly. We continue to add value to the offered programs at ILMA University with communication, networking, new platforms and partnerships.

The programs are progressive, purposeful and pragmatic for perfection and prosperity.

Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani - PhD
Director, Graduate Studies