Honorary Research Associate

Ilma University, one of the leading universities in the South Asian region, is actively seeking to bring on board academicians, analysts, scholars and research fellows involved in varied research programs from academically/technologically advanced countries across the globe. These high caliber individuals are invited to partner in learning for collaborative research projects and ventures as Honorary Research Associates.

Honorary Research Associate is a prestigious part time position, which entails the incumbent to display research expertise in the emerging fields by displaying significant breadth and depth of knowledge, awareness of latest developments, potential to publish in Web of Science, and/or Scopus indexed journals, ability to frame research reports and to effectively disseminate outcomes. This research-intensive post expects collaborative research projects, delve in investigative findings yet maintaining high-quality standards with peer review, publishing of articles in recognized journals and providing support in the supervision of thesis of postgraduate students.

This may be an ideal opportunity for you to pursue an international position in our multidisciplinary departments, namely Business Administration, Computer Science, Software Engineering and Media Science.. The Honorary Research Associate position is attached with perks and prestige having immense potential for career growth in addition to unique opportunity to work in multicultural and multidimensional contexts. Thus, it’s time to harness the rising tide of global trends and secure this worthy work opening to serve in an instrumental role with an impact and influence worldwide.