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A firm conviction in succeeding hand in hand with the community, it emphasizes on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with its student societies which mould the mindsets of the youth to sow the seeds of selflessness in the society. There are planned endeavours and visits to the underprivileged areas to contribute to uplifting their conditions. Contentment in connection is crucial and Ilma makes it a point for its students to comprehend the concept behind this. These are carried out through Small Projects, Seminar-Entrepreneur Society, Faculty Engagement, Guest Speaker Sessions and Education Initiatives for the Less Privileged.

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Enrichment of environment through cleanliness and plantation drives are also a top priority. To foster a clean and green environment is as important for the healthy growth of the surroundings. Cultivation of such awareness in its students leads to committed individuals ready to strive for saving the planet. Hence, the campus itself is a horticultural finesse. Utmost efforts are made to make Ilma University paper-free premises by introducing more and more electronic methods of communication. Water conservation is also ensured at all levels. A peek into the social activities conducted under the CSR banner.

ILMA University is registered with FBR and its parent society GEC is duly certified by PCP

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Book Drive

Ilma CSR and Rotary District 3271 in collaboration with Rotary Club of Karachi Pearl launched a book collection drive for primary students of Govt. schools. Course and storybooks were donated at the book collection point in Ilma Library. The primary aim was to provide these less privileged students with an opportunity to gain cost-free education and a stepping stone for the accomplishment of their dreams.

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Plastic Free Campaign

Ilma University engaged in a public health service by taking the broad initiative to promote a plastic-free environment. Ilmians participated by picking a thing which they wanted to see go plastic-free. It was any item made of plastic like water bottle, wrapper, etc and took a snap of it from their cellphones. They needed to post the picture on their social media channels using the #OnePlasticFreeDay and added a picture of the item they wanted to change. They used the #PlasticFreeDay for the university to locate the picture and hear their inspirational stories via the digital platforms.

Be Humane for the Homeless

Ilma University has always remained at the forefront in lending a helping hand to the less privileged segments of our society. It came forward to provide comfort in cruel times. When all were pressed by the living conditions above all the poor then nothing stops Ilma to extend humanitarian gestures. It invited to join hands to distribute blankets and warm clothes among the homeless as the harsh winter approached. This small act of care widened the circle of solidarity!

Ilma University has also formed associations and partnerships with companies, international agencies and skill development councils for community up-gradation. All have been avid supporters to the social causes and work together to accomplish the social development goals.

Ilma is registered with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) and is duly certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP). In adherence to the governmental policies, it has extended donations to the deserving and the much needed financial contributions for enhancement of higher education through its Global Educational Consultants Society (GEC).

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