IILMA Centre for Skill Enhancement (ICSE)


Ilma Centre for Skill Enhancement takes into account the paradigm shifts in functionality which have certainly led to the change in perspectives in the recent decades. It completely comprehends that the mindsets of standard practices, preparation and possibilities have been superseded by those which need to access, accumulate and adapt to the constantly changing global environments.

Ilma Centre for Skill Enhancement creates the critical mindsets and skill sets required for ascension. It acutely monitors the distance between knowledge acquisition and its application. This centre harbours on conceptual and connected learning which are priorities. It imparts the beneficial knowledge and skills which lead to 360 degree applicability in the workplace. Whether communicative, digitised or enlightened accumulation of skills - their success is assessed in accordance with sustainability aligned with the relativity in the real world socio-economic contexts.

Hence, ICSE provides the edge for enlightened endeavours in the existing scenarios with sound experiential experience and expertise in the targeted domains. It places emphasis on inquiry based and simulations with real work interactions which have become central to the entire learning process. Learner centred pedagogies with focus on individual capacity building are taken onto account to shape success. Idiosyncrasies are accounted for and assessed as intended learning outcomes with core elements which are used for reinforcement and reflection.

Short Courses:

Film Making
Graphics Designing
Video Editing