Office of Admissions

The foremost aim of the admissions office is to provide complete and correct information to all prospective students. It deals with authenticity, reliability and validity as well as ensures fairness in admittance.

Admission counsellors facilitate the prospective students in the pre, during and post admission procedures.

The admissions office organizes orientation sessions to guide the prospective students through the step wise procedure of the admissions. This is to facilitate them and enhance the efficiency of the entire process. These sessions are organised on weekly basis and are followed by a campus tour.

Ilma University conducts a standardised aptitude test meeting the international criteria for admissions for all the applied candidates. Prior to this, a briefing session is held to apprise the candidates about the test framework and duration with a practice sample test so they are able to make a well prepared attempt.

The Office of Admissions organizes admission meet ups towards the closure of the admission process. These meet ups aim to facilitate the prospective students in completing their admission procedures timely, filling out scholarships plus financial aid forms, submit application fee and find out about the orientation sessions.

The Office of Admissions renders guidance and support services to the prospective students and their parents/guardians. They are able to gain know how about each and every step of the admission process through a specific appointment with the admissions team for complete facilitation pertaining to this. Meeting request can be sent to

The admissions team helps arrange meetings with the faculty members on request of prospective students and parents. If there are specific course or program queries, such meetings prove to be quite beneficial in choosing the right discipline. Meeting requests can be sent to

Post admission services are also provided by the Office of Admissions. It continues to serve all the students with admission offers. Outcome events are organised to satisfy queries of the successful students to make the best program choices, finalize the admission procedures and lead them towards proper settlement in their chosen courses.